“Vision to Reality – Stop Working, Start Living”


Stop Working. Start Living

Regardless of where you find yourself, these literary works were designed to unlock your limitless, game changing abilities.

An Inspirational Leader

Jenkins affirms that the most important thing to resolve was getting everyone involved to visualize the same outcome. This would lead to motivated team members who are enthusiastic at the realization of the outcome. He quickly implemented this knowledge, fine-tuning his own projects to endure the outcomes contribute to his vision. He soon realized there was no one size fits all methodology, but that in order to bring the vision to reality required creativity and soft skills.

From that realization sprang The Realization Framework Experience ® and the vision for his latest book, Vision to Reality, Stop Working, Start Living.

Coming on the heels of his best-selling book, The Only Job Search Book You Will Ever Need, the new book helps those seeking career independence avoid the pitfalls of entrepreneurship and make their vision a reality.

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Another Best Seller by Curtis L. Jenkins

“In the 150 pages in this book, I’ll show you how to market yourself with the same techniques major companies use to sell products every day…” – Curtis L. Jenkins

In this best-seller, follow along as Jenkins shares specific actions that combine marketing techniques to stand out as the best available candidate on the market. This book focuses on the stories, anecdotes and deliberate actions that helped Jenkins and countless others find meaningful employment and grow in their careers.