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Entrepreneurs and everyday people alike, struggle to turn their vision into a reality.

When Visionnaire Curtis L. Jenkins started his own business he intended for it to set him free; he would be his own boss, set his own hours. But he soon felt like he was running on a perpetual hamster wheel, working more than ever and struggling to understand why the growth of his business was not happening, even though he was working hard.

Curtis, like so many others, didn’t know how to turn his vision into a reality. Frustrated, Curtis searched for the answer, a repeatable, reliable way to realize his vision. And he eventually developed that framework.

The Visionary Ventures Podcast is a conversation about creating your dream life. Career is a huge part of most of our life visions, but it is far from the only meaningful part. Our relationships, how we spend our time, our passion projects, and more all are huge contributors to our happiness. In this show, Curtis will share his advice on how to start realizing your vision. He will interview other Visionnaires who have done the same. And leave you with actionable tactics you can use to make your vision a reality.

The Devil is in the details: Dissecting and reconstructing a stronger business

Dave Eustice
COO D&D Technologies & Business Owner

You Will Learn:

  • How you can create big results from starting at the most mundane tasks.
  • Why having a solid plan helps you navigate uncertainty better than when you don’t have a plan.
  • The biggest mistake leaders make and how you can capitalize on it and transform your company.

Having a strong vision is a recipe for success

Lee Jones
CEO EreFlow

You Will Learn:

  • You can wait to make things happen, but when you take risks, your creativity kicks-in and you can accomplish great things.
  • What your vision starts out to be may not end as you expected – but still ends in a great way.
  • Accountability is a key element to success for business founders.
  • Business comes down to your numbers – you must know them and plan around them.

Board Diversity Matters for Social Change!

Sulaiman Rahman
CEO DiverseForce Boards

You Will Learn:

  • Sulaiman’s path to Social change through Social Networking – with reaching upwards of 30K professionals in the surrounding Philadelphia area.
  • Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion matter at all levels of the businesses – especially in the boardroom to better serve customers and the community.
  • No money, no mission – social change requires investment.
  • To be successful with your vision, you must partner with integrators.