Work With Curtis

Tap into a Success Playbook through the Realization Framework

Every experience is another step… and another opportunity to learn and grow. This is the foundation on which Curtis L. Jenkins built his revolutionary methodology – The Realization Framework Experience ®.

Using the following framework, Jenkins helps entrepreneurs overcome the obstacles and challenges they face in business, avoid backsliding into negative habits, and achieve their dreams – turning vision to reality.

Power Hour Coaching 1-on-1

The Power Hour is a private, one-hour consulting call with Curtis designed to help you cover whatever challenges, questions, blocks, or opportunities are appearing in your business and preventing you from scaling. During your private, 1-on-1 strategy session, you can address any topic you like.

Day-Long Retreat

Dive deep with Curtis with a day-long retreat. Spend the day with Curtis dissecting the inefficiencies and growth opportunities for your business. Curtis will walk you through The Realization Framework Experience ® where you will visualize, evaluate, calculate, clarify, and begin to realize your vision for your business transformation.

90-Day Strategic Accelerator

Define and realize a key strategic goal with this 90-Day accelerator. Work with Curtis to identify opportunities for maximal growth and significant points of failure. Resulting in a well thought out plan poised to execute.

Year-Long Advisory Board Development

Accelerate your business’s growth and connections. In this year-long program, Curtis will serve as the chair of your advisory board; cultivating strategic relationships with potential advisors and guiding your team on steps to scale.

Over this year, Curtis will serve as your advocate, trusted advisor, and accountability partner. As he and your other advisors assist you in developing organizational direction, providing leadership and training for sales & marketing strategies, improving margins, and selecting and developing talent.

“Transforming The Mechanics Of Vision Into Your Sculptured Reality”